Mindrec's VAX Collection Collection

The MindRec VAX Collection contains seven games on two separate SCDs:

You control Neko Nanobot Nine (NN9) in your attempt to rid the computer of the virus that has taken over the flight control of your inter stellar space ship. Use your control pad to activate the trip plates and conquer all 50 levels in Story mode, or select Arcade Mode for an unending challenge. Use Left & Right on the title screen to select which mode you want to play. Avoid the enemies, and collect the power-ups along the way. Some trip pads need only to be pressed once while others require multiple activations, but beware as it takes time for a pad to be vaccinated. Avoid the flying viruses, you never know who might show up to help you, if you are willing to take the risk.

You control your hovering space ship as you battle the evil enemy. The enemy sits behind his shield, which you can either shoot or destroy on contact. Destroying the shield on contact powers up your cannon on the left side of the screen, and when powered up, replaces your normal shot. Only the cannon can destroy the enemy ship, so you must either remove enough shield to expose him, or wait until he switches to swirl mode and homes in on your location.

Levels are randomly generated with a variety of different options per level. Presence of the neutral zone -- where you cannot shoot, but also cannot be destroyed by the s sentinel; whether the enemy neutral zone moves or not; ship, cannon, and enemy speeds; shield colors and patterns; and how the Swirl pursues you. Can you score enough to get to the secret ending?

Time to hit the slopes for some good old fashioned downhill skiing. Use your direction pad to head down the mountain as fast as you can and cover as much distance as possible. Up and down control the speed of your skier, while left and right allow you to avoid, or run into trees. After crashing, you do not start recording distance again until you are upright, so avoid partnering with a tree as you go for the record with your first tracks. Keep your eyes open, who knows what other dangers lurk on the slopes?

It's a boat ride where the ending is always the same, but the length of the story is up to you. re out for a pleasure ride, but where did all this stuff come from? Race your boat down the river as far as you can while avoiding rocks, logs, and whirlpools. Your boat can also jump, but you must re-charge the ability after every use. Be sure to be on the lookout for unexpected dangers. Can you get a killer score, or will it get you?


The original MindRec puzzle game from 2002, remastered. All CD Audio has been restored, and in game audio amplified. The same fun, but louder.

It's pong, but with semi-circles. Control your player and beat your opponent in a different kind of 2D tennis. Since you are not a flat surface, the ball will bounce off of your hemicycle at different angles, so hitting the ball is not enough, you have to hit it properly. You can jump to access an otherwise overhead ball, and also collect power-ups that will change the playing field. Beware though, in some cases those power-ups may make your goal more difficult rather than easier.

Race around the track and avoid the enemy car. Collect dots to increase your score; collect all the dots to move to the next stage. Your buttons enable you to go faster or slower, the enemy car will take advantage of this in his effort to kamikaze you.

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