Mindrec's VAX Collection Collection

MindRec's VAX Collection is the first new SCD game from MindRec for the PCEngine and TurboDuo since 2014's Hypernova Blast.

The VAX Collection is seven separate titles released as a single package; four brand new games, and three remastered ones covering two SCDs. This is the arcade collection that you have been waiting for, with something for everyone: Puzzle games, a classic shooting game, arcade racing games, and even the first skiing game for the PCE.

The VAX Collection also introduces a new character to the MindRec family: NN9. Neko Nanobot Nine (aka NN9) is the main character of the flagship game VAX; beating the game in story mode will reveal her story, and her upcoming adventures will keep the TurboDuo light ablaze for the next few years.

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