Mindrec's VAX Collection Collection

Playing Tips:

  • Power-ups are almost always worth the risk
  • Maximize your bonus on levels requiring multiple activations by moving from pad to pad as quickly as you can until they are cleared
  • Sometimes not moving is the best way to avoid the enemy
  • Beware of escaping enemies, they can still harm you
  • Edges are not safer, but they do eliminate enemies from one direction
  • Story mode has 50 levels to complete

  • Be alert when the Swirl comes out, sometimes it may track you down
  • If the enemy shield is gone, you can touch the enemy (while not in swirl mode) to get another missile
  • Recognize the audio clues of upcoming changes to the enemy
  • Learn to decipher the level code
  • Death is not always the end
  • There is a secret ending screen when your score is high enough
  • To maximize your score: Eat the shield blocks, do not shoot them
  • To maximize your score: Shoot the enemy while he is in traveling swirl mode

  • Sometimes going slow is the best way to avoid things
  • You can clip tree edges, but not the tree trunks
  • You do not register distance while recovering from a crash, so it is always adventageous to avoid crashing
  • There is more than one slope

  • Speed up before jumping to maximize your air distance
  • Some obstactles are predictable
  • Avoid joining the Flaming Yacht Club
  • Slow and steady is not the best approach
  • Do not ignore the caution sign

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